Security - Quality - Stability - Availability##

Providing services for Global Fortune 500 Clients and government institutions, let us strengthen our secure services and support.

Systems Availability##

  • Systems hosted in multiple Tier 4 data centers 99.995% availability.
  • SSL Rate A certificates for intercommunication for all external systems.
  • Multiple systems located in different geographical locations are used for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Any time an application is using our API it is connected to a robust system designed to support multiple secure connections

Network availability##

Network Multi-tier topology is used in the largest Internet exchange point in the world located in Europe, using high carrier-dense network connectivity.

Our network is expandable in the best way it could be. Your options are unlimited

On an application level##

  • Our messaging gateways are powered by AMD Telecom. A pioneer in global messaging since 2000.
  • Using the unique Intelligent Routing protocols we can guarantee messages are delivered on time globally.

Intelligent routing is like an auto-pilot. You know it is always there to help

24x7 NOC & Multilingual Customer support##

  • Proactive monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week guarantees a 99.95% SLA.
  • In any case, there is an open issue, a fully automated alert and ticketing system is used to track and resolve it.
  • Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small developer you should expect the best support any day - anytime.

Even if we have put our effort to minimize support, it is always there for you

Application Lifecycle##

  • We intend to build strong long-term relations with our clients.
  • Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients' applications.
  • It is our commitment to fulfill your business needs and ensure our services produce benefits for you and your clients.
  • Our roadmap for any service is public so that our clients always know what to expect.

Your investment in our Services is much appreciated. No surprises here

Quality Assurance##

  • All our applications' development is closely monitored and managed by internal teams, applying best practices.
  • Before any new version of our services goes public, it is tested.
  • Each version is tagged as "stable" when all issues have been resolved.

Our practices minimize the number of issues taken on by the community of developers.

Law and Regulation##

  • As an Associate Member of the Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association (GSMA), we endorse and build upon the vision of "connecting everyone and everything to a better future" to boost the economy, to empower people and transform communities
  • Although we are an International Organization with many local offices, our home base is located in the EU. Thus, we follow strict rules for data and telecommunications in order to protect civil rights and privacy. Our security policy is approved under EU laws.

Your data and your clients are protected