API Introduction


Communication has always been one of the most important cogs of any application or business.

Throughout your tour, you will get familiar with Routee API and you’ll be able to find out how you can introduce communication services in your application(s).

Routee API

Built in accordance with industry best practices, to ease development and increase client adoption.
In addition, it follows requirements for performance, scalability, simplicity, modifiability, visibility, portability and reliability.

Uses HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and a RESTful architecture uses HTTP response codes to indicate status.

OAuth 2.0 is used as the API Authorization framework, the standard used by most APIs for authenticating and authorizing users.

Request and response payloads are JSON formatted.


  • Setting up your Routee Account
  • Authenticating using OAuth 2.0 protocol
  • Interacting with the API via code sample(s)
  • Sending a Simple Message by following a quick and simple guide
  • Use Callbacks from your application
  • Send multiple messages and track delivery
  • Check the validity of a phone number
  • Check mobile phone number subscribers' real-time status

Quality and Security specifications

Routee is designed from scratch to ensure all the latest specifications for performance, scalability, simplicity, modifiability, visibility, portability, and reliability are fulfilled

More about security here


API Limitation

Routee API limit is 10K requests per minute.
If you need more requests, contact our support department: [email protected]

What’s Next