Click-To-Call example using the Voice Conversations API

Click-to-Call allows your audience, whether it includes website visitors, newsletters’ recipients, existing or potential customers and users, to click or scan an object, submit name and phone number to a web-form, and receive an immediate toll-free call from one of your company’s representatives.

Click-to-Call can be included on your online and offline assets. Online can be used as an object (image, button), while offline as a scannable image (QR code, scannable image, scannable link).

You can combine Click to Call with prerecorded voice messages that your users, representatives, existing or potential customers, will hear while waiting to be connected.

Through Click to Call the client submits a, phone number requiring, web form. Next, the company's representative is called by a predefined number through the appropriate Voice resource and notified by a predefined voice message that connection with a client is imminent. In the final step the client receives a call from the representative's phone number through the Routee API.

Example of a Click to Call Dial plan:

Your Header should contain authorization and content type:



Bearer {access_token}



An example request is shown below:

curl -X POST  
-H "Authorization:Bearer e6c6531c-4083-481e-b7a3-05be2ff41f59"  
-H "Content-Type:application/json"  
-d '{  
              "text":"You have an incoming call from your website. We will connect you shortly. Please hang on to your phone."

Congratulations! You have just set your Click-To-Call application.