Numbers API let you rent a new number or manage your existing numbers.

Routee provides an API to obtain and manage numbers.

By obtaining a number, you are able to have a presence in multiple countries. You can create rich interactions by enabling your application to send and receive text messages and phone calls, using the same multi-functional number.

With Numbers API, you get instant access to local phone numbers from across the world. You are able to:

  • Simply retrieve all the Routee available numbers, according to the country you desire.
  • Search among the available numbers for one that meets your needs.
  • Rent the number you wish with a small activation fee, by making a simple API call.
  • Send and receive text messages and calls. Track your inbound messages.
  • View and manage your numbers.
  • Cancel your number, when you no longer need it.
  • Don' t care about the expiration of your number since Routee automatically renews your number every month.

Supported services for numbers are: SMS, Voice or Both (SMS & Voice)

Once you acquire a number, you can instantly use it in Routee services. Just enter the number as sender, and Routee will identify it and route your messages properly.

Each Virtual Number (VLN or TOLL FREE) will have a rate of 1 SMS/sec.

Routee can accommodate your needs in case the default rate does not cover them, you can contact your account manager and ask for a bigger rate.

When you want to send a single SMS or an SMS campaign using your number, you will have to provide it as "from" parameter without the '+' before the number's country code!
Example for UK number: "from": "447123123456"

To get more information for Numbers API check out our Resource Reference


Numbers API let you rent a new number or manage your existing numbers.

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