Voice Messaging Statuses

Voice Message Lifecycle

Every Voice message and each campaign has its own lifecycle. Routee is limiting that lifecycle into steps that are most important to you. These steps are called Statuses. Voice and SMS Campaigns have different statuses.

Voice Message Statuses:

Voice Message Statuses

Queued (Intermediate)

The API request was succesful. The Voice message is queued and ready to be sent out for processing.

Initiated (Intermediate)

The Voice message under processing and ready to be delivered to the nearest upstream carrier in the network.

Ringing (Intermediate)

The Voice message was sucessfuly sent by the network carrier to the final recipient.

InProgress (Intermediate)

The Voice message was sent by the network carrier. The recipient has answered the call successfully and the call is in progress.

Completed (Final)

The Voice message was delivered to its recipient and answered.

Busy (Final)

The Voice message was delivered to its recipient. The destination number was busy and the Voice message was not answered.

NoAnswer (Final)

The Voice message was delivered to its recipient. The destination rejected the voice call and the message was not answered.

Failed (Final)

The Voice message could not be sent due to internal error.

Unknown (Final)

The Voice message could not be sent due to unknown network / carrier error.

Unsent (Final)

The Voice message could not be initiated due to insufficient balance.

Terminated (Final)

The voice message terminated due to insufficient balance.

Voice Campaign Statuses:

Voice Campaign Status


The campaign was scheduled to run in the future. This status only applies when you schedule a campaign.


The campaign was queued and its individual messages (SMS) are about to be sent.


The campaign has started and it's running. Routee sends all individual SMS. Depending on the number of the recipients this step will last some seconds to some minutes.


All individual SMS were successfully sent and Routee is waiting to be informed of each message status (whether they were delivered or not).

Finished (final)

Routee has been informed about the final status of all individual SMS (if they were delivered or not).

Failed (final)

Routee was unable to process the campaign (or a part of it).

Voice Messaging Statuses

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