Analyze a Voice Campaign

Analyzing a voice campaign sendout is useful when the user needs information about the send out before actually sending it.

Response Parameters

contactsThe details of each contact. The key refers to the id of the contact given in the request
numberOfRecipientsThe total number of recipients
recipientCountriesFor each recipient the country that the mobile belongs to (country format in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
recipientsPerCountryThe total recipients per country (country format in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
recipientsPerGroupFor each group the number of recipients that it contains without the blacklisted contacts
totalInGroupsThe total number of recipients in all given groups excluding the ones already specified and the blacklisted
errors.codeThe code of error
errors.developerMessageMessage of error
errors.propertyThe numbers of invalid recipients


403User is not authenticated
404User is not found