Send a Single Push Notification

Send a Single Push Notification to a single recipient. This is a paid service.


Extra Validations for request parameters

Only one should be filled from the below fields (however they can be all null at the same time):

  • android
  • apn
  • web

You cannot have mismatching deviceToken type and device-specific parameters (example: if type is ANDROID, you must not have json “web” or “apn”; you can have either “android” or null).

The maps of both, body.title and body.text, should contain an entry with forceLocale as their key.


trackingIdThe tracking id of the Push Notification.


Please note that the error codes section will be updated!

4000101Insufficient balance.
400-implementationId is empty: "implementationId must not be blank".
4040000implementationId is invalid or doesn't exist: "No implementation found".
4040001implementationId without credential: "Credential with type: FCM does not exist for given implementation".
400-ttl is less than 0: "apn.ttl: must be greater than or equal to 0".
400-ttl is more than 2419200: "android.ttl: must be less than or equal to 2419200"
400-ttl is invalid value: "android.ttl: invalid value".
400-deviceToken.token is empty or null: "deviceToken.token: must not be blank".
400-deviceToken.type is empty or null: "deviceToken.type: invalid value"
400-data.value is empty: "data[key1].: must not be blank".
400-data is empty: "data: invalid value".
400-callbackUrl is invalid: "callback.url: must be a valid URL".
400-body.title.key is empty or null: "body.title[en].: must not be blank".