Email API v.2 - To Object Explained

To is an array of emailAddresses Objects that contain a name and an address property.
The name property can be empty, but it is not recommended.
You can indicate up to 100 emailAddress (es) in To array.
Please note that each address you include will be count as an additional message.

to An array of objects indicating message recipient(s) in format [{"name":"Recipient Name","address":"recipient_email_address"} ,...]

nameStringThe name of the standard recipient
addressString (email address)The actual email address of the standard recipient.
Must be a well-formed email address.

The property name will precede the address.
Assuming you set the following: "to":[{"name":"John Doe", "address":"[email protected]"}] ** this will result in a single message to be dispatched to [email protected] and the recipient will read a message that in the "to" field will contain:
To : John Doe [email protected]