Email API v.2 - Callback Object Explained

Email Plus offers an extensive and extendable interfacing system with your infrastructure.
Callback object is responsible to provide the needed information on which URL to call in which occasion.
The property statusCallback exposes two properties: strategy and url.
The property statusCallback.strategy" accepts the following values: OnCompletion or OnChange indicating if you want to be notified just for "final" states (Delivered/Failed/Blocked) or you are also interested in temporary changes such as delayed delivery, network errors etc.
The property
statusCallback.eventCallback is also an object that has two properties: onClick and onOpen**.
All properties that point to a URL must contain an accessible end-point accepting POST.

Request fields

callback an Object of Objects containing two properties indicating call-backs to be executed when a message changes status or when recipient performs an action on the message (Open/Click).

statusCallbackObjectCallback information regarding message status. Contains two properties called "strategy" and "url".
eventCallbackObjectCallback information regarding events (onClick/onOpen etc.).
If provided, at least one of the event urls must exist.

event callback An object containing two properties one for onClick event and the second for onOpen event. If supplied, both must be valid, reachable URLs accepting HTTP Method POST.

onClickString (url)The callback url of the 'onClick' action.
Must be a well-formed URL, accepting POST HTTP method
onOpenString (url)The callback url of the 'onOpen' action
Must be a well-formed URL, accepting POST HTTP method

Request fields-status callback info

strategyString(Enumeration)Valid values are OnCompletion and OnChange if the object is supplied, this property is required.
urlString (url)The url of the callback.
Must be a well-formed, reachable URL.