Track multiple messages for a specific bulk send out - campaign

You can get all the tracking information for the messages of a bulk send out by providing the tracking id


totalPagesThe number of total pages.
lastWhether the current page is the last one.
totalElementsThe total amount of elements for the current search.
firstWhether the current page is the first one.
numberOfElementsThe number of elements currently on this page.
numberThe requested page number.
sizeThe requested page size.
contentContains the search results.
content.applicationNameThe name of the application that was used to send this message.
content.campaignNameThe name of the campaign that this message was sent from.
content.campaignTrackingIdThe tracking id of the campaign that this message was sent from.
content.countryThe country of the recipient in ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 format.
content.smsIdThe unique id of one SMS part included in the message. If the message is multipart then these values will be different for each part.
content.messageIdThe id of the message. All the parts of a multipart SMS have the same messageId.
content.groupsThe groups that the recipient belongs to.
content.bodyThe message of the SMS.
content.operatorThe operator of the recipient.
content.originatingServiceThe service that sent this message.
content.toThe recipient.
content.latencyThe overall delivery latency of the message.
content.partsThe number of actual SMS parts.
content.partThe number of the current SMS part.
content.priceThe cost of this SMS part.
content.statusInformation about the Sms status.
content.status.dateThe date that the status was reported.
content.status.statusThe status of the SMS. Check here for possible values.
content.status.reasonThe reason of the status
content.status.reason.detailedStatusThe detailed status.
Possible values: Sent, Delivered, Undelivered, Failed, Undelivered on Handset, Unknown Number, Roaming, Call Barred, Unknown Status, Carrier Violation, Expired.
Check here for details.
content.status.reason.descriptionThe description of the detailed status
content.fromThe sender Id of the message
content.directionThe direction of the message. Possible values: "Inbound", "Outbound"


404404001001Account not found.
400404009001Campaign not found.