Update a contact's details

Change the details of a specific contact providing the contact’s id.


blacklistedServicesDefines all the services for which the contact has been blacklisted.
countryThe country information of the contact.
emailThe e-mail address of the contact.
firstNameThe first name of the contact.
idThe identification of the contact.
lastNameThe last name of the contact.
groupsAll contact groups (tags) that this contact belongs to.
mobileThe mobile number of the contact.
vipIndicates whether the contact is treated as vip or not.
labelsContains the contact's labels with their respective values.
labels.nameThe name of the label.
labels.typeThe type of the label. Supported types are: Text or Number.
labels.valueThe value of the label.


404404001001Account not found
404404002001Contact not found
400400002006Custom fields are invalid
409409002013Some Custom fields share the same name
409409002005Contact mobile already exists
404404002012Custom field definition is not found