Send a Failover Message


trackingIdThe tracking Id of the failover message
typeThe type of the flow channel. Supported values: Sms, Viber or Voice
fromThe name of the sender id.
toThe recipient number.
ttlTime range until message expires.
expireOnDeliveryIf it's set to true then the service will set the status of the Delivered messages to Expired if the TTL value has passed and no Seen status has arrived. (Default value is false)
messageDetails for the Failover message
bodyThe text of the message
flashIndicates if the message is flash SMS.
labelThe label that was given to the message.
transcodeIf “transcode” is set to true/false, then the message body will be/not be transcoded.If the “transcode” parameter is not set, then the application level setting will be used
orderThe order of the specific channel in the Failover sequence
failoverOnStatusesDefines the status which will trigger the next channel. Values for SMS channel can be: Undelivered, Failed Values for Viber channel can be: Expired, Failed, Undelivered. Values must be comma separated. The statuses are not case-sensitive Default values for SMS: Undelivered, Failed Default values for Viber: Expired, Failed, Undelivered The statuses are not case-sensitive
dialPlansA combination of action verbs to be executed.
dialPlans.verbsThe array of SAY and PLAY verbs. Check here for possible values.
senderInfoTrackingIdThe unique sender id. You can find it at: Routee Platform-applications page.
inboundUrlThe defined callback URL that will receive the inbound messages. Check here for details.
textThe text of Viber message. The maximum number of characters supported in a Viber message is 1000 characters. Use [~{labelName}] in order to send personalized messages, by using the labels of your contacts. [Text only messages are billed as Transactional. All the other message types are charged as Promotional]
imageUrlThe URL of the image. (recommended image size: 400KB for optimal delivery; image url length: max 1000 characters; only valid and secure URL starting with https:/)
viberFileRepresents the file of the viber message.
viberFile.fileNameFile name of the viber message.
viberFile.fileTypeFile type of the viber message.
viberFile.fileUrlThe Url of the of the viber message file. (recommended file size: 600KB for optimal delivery)
actionDetails for the button used in the Viber message
captionThe displayed text on the button (1-30 characters).
targetUrlThe target URL of the Viber action.
callbackDetails for the callback functionality, more information at Callbacks (Webhook)
strategyWhen the URL will be called. Two possible values: on every status change (OnStep) or when a final status arrives (OnCompletion).
urlDefines the URL in which a payload with the information about the request will be posted. Check (here) [docs/failover-callbacks] for details