Update a scheduled bulk send out - campaign

Update an already scheduled campaign. You can change the recipients or the sender id or any other parameter you set previously. Note that the campaign must have status "Scheduled" in order to update it.


Request/Response Parameters Description

See /sms/campaign for explanation of the request/response parameters



If you don't include the "scheduledDate" parameter in your request then your campaign will be sent immediately.


404404009001The campaign with the given tracking id doesn't exist.
400400009002The campaign status is not Scheduled.
400400001009You don't have enough balance to send the campaign.
400400005000In case you haven't specified any recipients or the sender is invalid.
409409009003Your account already has a campaign with the given name.
400400009004Your campaign has no recipients. Your groups might be empty or all contacts might be blacklisted.
404404002001A contact id does not exist.