Inbound SMS

Receive inbound messages



When you rent a number, you have to set the callback Url ("inboundSmsCallbackUrl") in order to receive the inbound messages.

Your callback service will receive a POST HTTP request with the following request body:

  "messageId": string,
  "from": string,
  "to": string,
  "message": string,
  "parts": integer,
  "originatingService": "Sms",
  "direction": "Inbound",
  "receivedDate": string


messageIdThe id of the inbound message.
fromThe sender of the inbound message.
toThe recipient of the inbound message (your number).
messageThe body of the inbound message.
partsThe message's total parts.
originatingServiceThe originating service of the message (SMS).
directionThe direction of the message (Inbound).
receivedDateThe date that the inbound message was received (ISO format).

See details about the Inbound SMS here: Inbound Messages (MO)