Retrieve Conversation by TrackingId

Retrieve tracking information for conversation


trackingIdThe id of the conversation.
directionThe direction of the conversation (inbound or outbound)
fromThe sender Id of the conversation
toThe recipient of the conversation.
to.phoneA valid phone number (mobile or landline).
to.sipA valid SIP URI.
to.viberA valid phone number with Viber App installed (e.g. 306971234567)
dialPlanUrlThe url that contains a combination of action verbs to be executed.
callbackDefines the notification callback information for the progress of Voice conversation.
callback.urlThe URL that will be called when an update occurs.
callback.strategyWhen the URL will be called. Two possible values: on every status change (OnChange) or when a final status arrives (OnCompletion).
hangupDelayThe time to wait for the call to be answered.
maxDurationThe maximum duration.
createdAtThe time the conversation was created.
recordingsInformation about the related recorded files.
recordings.trackingIdThe tracking Id of the recorded file.
recordings.startThe start time of the recording (ISO-8601 date-time format).
recordings.endThe end time of the recording (ISO-8601 date-time format).
recordings.fromThe initiator of the DIAL.
(the recipient of the conversation)
recordings.toThe recipient of the DIAL.
recordings.urlThe url to download the recorded file.
recordings.voiceTrackingIdsAn array with the tracking Ids of the voice messages related to the conversation.
recordings.conversationTrackingIdThe tracking Id of the voice conversation.
recordings.durationThe duration of the recording (in seconds).
machineDetectionIt is used to detect if the call is answered by human or machine and define the desired actions (in case of machine).
machineDetection.strategyThe strategy to follow when a machine has been detected. Possible values: "Hangup" (terminate the call) or "Continue" (give another dialplan to execute).
machineDetection.eventUrlThe URL that Routee will POST to when a machine is detected (only for "Continue" strategy). A valid dialplan is expected as response.