Email API v.2 - Request Fields Summary

Email Plus JSON contains a number of properties that can be set by you per message.

Request fields

fromObjectThe sender information of the email
Address must be one of the Authorized senders. Required
replyToObjectInformation regarding the reply to address
to[]Array of Email Address ObjectsThe standard email recipient addresses along with (optional) name information.
Must contain at least one recipient. Required
cc[]Array of Email Address ObjectsThe carbon copy email recipient addresses along with (optional) name information.
bcc[]Array of Email Address ObjectsThe blind carbon copy email recipient addresses along with (optional) name information.
customHeaders[]Array of customHeader ObjectsList of custom headers.
No more than 10 elements.
subjectStringThe subject of the email.
Size must be less than 145 characters.
Skipping this property is strongly discouraged
contentObjectThe actual content of the email message.
Contains two properties html containing the HTML content and text for text only UTF-8 content.
attachments[]Array of attachmentObjectAttachments of the email message. The attachmentObject has the following format:{"content":"base64 encoded data", "type":"mime/type", "filename":"attachment file name you wish"}
scheduledDateStringThe date and time to send the email message(s) . Given date must be {offset} {unit} after now
ttlNumberTime-to-live value in minutes, after this period, if the message is not delivered it will be considered as failed.
Must be a positive number of minutes between 30 and 4320 (72H).
maxAttemptsNumberThe maximum send retries to apply on transitional failures.
footerObjectThe footer to apply on the message, containing two properties html and text to be applied on the actual content of the message
callbackObjectCallback related information regarding the execution. If provided, at least one type of callback information must exist.
labelStringCustom label for the email message(s). A string up to 80 characters long that categorizes the message.
dsnObjectDelivery status notifications (DSN) options

Response fields

trackingIdStringThe tracking id of the transactional email execution

Table 1. HTTP 400

000000InvalidDomainThe provided sender domain is invalid. It needs to get added and verified to be used.
000001InvalidSenderThe provided sender is invalid. It needs to get added and verified to be used.
000002UnverifiedSenderThe provided sender is unverified. It needs to get verified to be used.
000004NoActiveSubscriptionNo active transactional email subscription exists
000005InsufficientResourcesExceptionIn case resources are not enough to send email (depleted or limited)