Get shorten URL info for monitoring purposes

Routee sends information about the shorten URL


Account activated feature

Please note, the service is available for use after communication with our support department.


namestring (max 200 chars, special characters allowed)A human readable name for the shortened url. This will help identify the url in a table, or when fetching analytics data.
linkstring(limitations according to the one currently in the platform)The short url to use.
trackingIdstring (format and size according to the standards used in the platform)The tracking id of the short url that was created.
longUrlstring (max allowed 1900 chars)The url to be shortened.
expirationDatestring (date with format 2016-06-23T06:55:57Z)The date that the url will be no longer available.
createdAtstring (date with format 2016-06-23T06:55:57Z)The date the url was created.
callbackUrlstring (max allowed 1024 chars)The callback we call when a link is clicked.
tagsObject [Optional Field] Must not be nullA map of string field values to store information


40402Invalid trackingId"Short url tracking not found"