SAY Verb

With SAY verb, you are able to convert your desired text (Text to Speech) into a voice message, in a variety of languages.

    "text": "Hello Routee",
repeatDefines the number of repetitions. Default value 0. Set to "-1" for infinite loops.
bargeInIf the value is true then the first DTMF tone during the verb interrupts the current execution. All the collected tones of the call, including the tone that interrupted execution, are sent to the eventUrl.
The default value is false.
message.text*The text of the voice message.
message.genderThe gender of the voice.
VALUES: "male", "female"
message.language*The language of the voice message.
VALUES: "en-US", "de-DE", "fr-FR", "it-IT", "pt-BR", "es-ES", "es-LA", "en-GB", "el-GR", "bg-BG", "pl-PL", "hu-HU", "sv-SE", "ru-RU"