Analyse an SMS message

Analysing an SMS is useful when the user needs information about the message before actually sending it.

Response Parameters

bodyAnalysisThe analysis for the body of the SMS.
bodyAnalysis.charactersThe total number of characters of the message body.
bodyAnalysis.partsThe number of actual message parts (concatenated or not - more information about concadenated messages here that will be sent.
bodyAnalysis.transcodeContains information for the transcoded body of the sms message. This will be available only if the message can be transcoded.
bodyAnalysis.transcode.messageThe transcoded message of the original unicode message.
bodyAnalysis.transcode.partsThe number of the parts of the transcoded message.
bodyAnalysis.unicodeIndicates if the body contains unicode characters.
bodyAnalysis.unsupportedGSMCharactersWhich characters caused the message to be considered as unicode.
costThe cost of the message per part


Supported Unicode Languages

Transcoding is available for Greek, French, Italian and German locales.


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