Email API v.2 - BCC Object Explained

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy.
It is an Array of emailAddress Objects. All participants of bcc array will get a copy of the message and therefor each participant counts as an additional message.
If a message has 10 recipients indicated in to property, 5 in bcc array and additional 15 in cc field, it will result in 30 messages.
Addresses indicated in BCC will not be disclosed to any of the recipient(s).

bcc An array of Objects in the format [{"name":"Name to be included", "address":"[email protected]"}, ...]. These recipient will receive a blind carbon copy.

nameStringThe name of the blind carbon copy recipient
addressStringThe actual email address of the blind carbon copy recipient
Must be a well-formed email address. Must not be blank

Assuming you set the following: "bcc":[{"name":"John Doe", "address":"[email protected]"}] ** this will result in a single message to be dispatched to [email protected] and the recipient will read a message that will have no indication of the addresses included in the bcc.