Edit a Pool

Edits an existing pool


poolIdThe tracking id of the pool.
poolNameThe name of the pool.
smsSettingsThe SMS settings of the pool.
smsSettings.stickyWhen enabled, the service should try to always use the same number, as sender, for each recipient.
smsSettings.geomatchWhen enabled, the service should try to use, as sender, a number that matches the destination country.
smsSettings.transcodeWhen enabled, the SMS message will get transcoded (when possible).
smsSettings.defaultCountryA country code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format. Routee will use a number from this defaultCountry as sender, if there is not a more suitable option (eg a number from the same country or a sticky sender for the recipient).
smsSettings.alphanumericSenderIdThe alphanumeric Sender Id that will be used, when the pool strategy is "Alphanumeric".
smsSettings.inboundSMSCallbackUrlDefines the callback URL that will receive the inbound messages to the numbers of the pool.
smsSettings.callbackDefines the callback URL that will receive the status update notifications for your outbound SMS messages.
smsSettings.callback.urlA URL that Routee will POST to, each time your message status changes.
smsSettings.callback.strategyDefines when the URL will be called. Two possible values: on every status change (OnChange) or when a final status arrives (OnCompletion).
updatedAtThe timestamp the pool is updated.