Email API v.2 - Custom headers Object Explained

There are cases when you wish to set some custom variables to be returned as headers per message. Usually these are settings that you expect in the call-backs such as PO number, customer id etc.
Email Plus supports up to 10 custom headers encapsulated in a simple customHeader object that contains the following properties: name : a string setting the name of the header and a value: set to a string you wish to be assigned to name.
Please remember that the Custom headers are set and returned as a string.

Request fields

customheaders An array of custom headers to be included in call-backs and tracking. Email Plus accepts up to 10 custom headers in object format {"name":"xxx", "value":"yyy"}.

nameStringThe name of the custom header.
If provided it must not be null. The Size must be between 1 and 60 inclusive.
valueStringThe value of the custom header.
If provided must not be blank