Perform a verification

You can send a Two Factor Authentication very easily just by specifying the recipient, the type of the message and the method that the verification will be sent. The message type that is currently supported is "code" which generates a numeric only code with the specified number of digits. The supported methods are "sms" and "voice", so the specified recipient must be a valid mobile or landline (for voice) number. All optional parameters that are required by 2Step are taken from your application settings which can be configured through the Routee web console. This is a paid service. For pricing check here.


trackingIdThe tracking id used to reference this specific verification.
statusThe status of the verification.
updatedAtThe last time this verification was updated.
maxRetriesThe number of retries only, the first try is not included.
expiresAtWhen will the verification expire.
timesTriedHow many tries were made by the user.


404404001001Account not found.
400400001009Insufficient Balance.
404404010002Application not found.
400400011001Invalid message template.
400400005000Sms contains invalid data.