Retrieve all the contacts

Retrieve all the contacts of this account and sub-accounts in paged format.


totalPagesThe number of total pages.
lastWhether the current page is the last one.
totalElementsThe total amount of elements for the current search.
firstWhether the current page is the first one.
numberOfElementsThe number of elements currently on this page.
numberThe requested page number.
sizeThe requested page size.
contentContains the search results.
content.blacklistedServicesDefines all the services for which the contact has been blacklisted.
content.countryThe country information of the contact.
content.labelsContains the contact's labels with their respective values.
content.emailThe e-mail address of the contact.
content.firstNameThe first name of the contact.
content.idThe identification of the contact.
content.lastNameThe last name of the contact.
content.groupsAll contact groups (tags) that this contact belongs to.
content.mobileThe mobile number of the contact.
content.vipIndicates whether the contact is treated as vip or not.
content.labels.nameThe name of the label.
content.labels.typeThe type of the label. Supported types are: Text or Number.
content.labels.valueThe value of the label.


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