View Volume and Price Analytics for a range of Lookup Records

Returns analytics for a range of Lookup records specified by a time frame associated with the owner account. The response will contain an object which is comprised of total values and a collection of detail values. Each report contains information for a specific date time. The startDateTime of a report combined with the timeGrouping represent the time period that this report corresponds to. The time grouping is calculated depending on the supplied starting and ending date time. The possible results is showed bellow:

interval Hour: Fetch results in hourly intervals. True if endDate ­ startDate <= 24h
interval Day: Fetch results in daily intervals. True if 24h < endDate ­ startDate <= month
interval Month: Fetch results in monthly intervals. True if month < endDate - ­startDate <= year
interval Year: Fetch results in yearly intervals. True if Year < endDate - startDate <= 5 years


totalsThe totals of this report.
totals.timeGroupingThe grouping used in this report.
totals.totalCountThe total count.
totals.totalPriceThe total price.
totals.totalQueuedThe total queued.
totals.totalActiveThe total active.
totals.totalFailedThe total failed.
totals.totalUnknownThe total unknown.
totals.totalAbsentThe total absent.
detailsThe details of this report.
details.startDateTimeThe price for the HLR lookup records of this report.
details.priceThe amount of the queued messages.
details.countThe count for the HLR lookup records of this report.
details.activeCountThe count of the active HLR lookup records.
details.failedCountThe count of the failed HLR lookup records.
details.queuedCountThe count of the queued HLR lookup records.
details.absentCountThe count of the absent HLR lookup records.
details.unknownCountThe count of the unknown HLR lookup records.


400400007001The startDate must precede the endDate and the time range must not exceed five years.
403400001009User is not authenticated.
404400001001Account not found