Send an SMS

Sending a single SMS is one of the most common tasks performed on the Routee Platform. Sending a message is as simple as POST-ing to the SMS resource. This is a paid service. For pricing check here.


trackingIdThe tracking id used to identify the message.
createdAtThe date that this resource was created.
fromThe sender Id of the message.
toThe phone number the message is about to be sent to.
bodyThe message you sent.
statusThe status of the SMS. Check here for possible values.
labelThe label that was given to the SMS.
bodyAnalysisThe analysis for the body of the SMS.
bodyAnalysis.charactersThe total number of characters of the message body.
bodyAnalysis.partsThe number of actual SMS that will be sent.
bodyAnalysis.transcodeContains information for the transcoded body of the SMS message. This will be available only if the message can be transcoded.
bodyAnalysis.transcode.messageThe transcoded message of the original unicode message.
bodyAnalysis.transcode.partsThe number of the parts of the transcoded message.
bodyAnalysis.unicodeIndicates if the body contains unicode characters.
bodyAnalysis.unsupportedGSMCharactersWhich characters caused the message to be considered as unicode.
flashIndicates if the message is flash SMS.
callbackDefines the notification callback information for an individual SMS message. You can also set this value from Routee Dev Platform on the Applications menu.
callback.urlThe URL that Routee will POST to, each time your message status changes to one of the following: Queued, Failed, Sent, Unsent, Delivered, or Network Error. When Routee POSTs back to your service, a HTTP 200 OK response must be returned. If Routee doesn't receive a 200 OK response, it will try to POST again (up to 5 times).
callback.strategyWhen the URL will be called. Two possible values: on every status change (OnChange) or when a final status arrives (OnCompletion).
ttlThe duration in minutes the delivery of an SMS will be attempted. If the SMS is not delivered within the validity period, then the SMS status will be "Undelivered", with "detailedStatus": "Expired"


400400001009You don't have enough balance to send the SMS.
400400005000The sender id is invalid.
400400000000Validation Error.
A required field is missing.
Invalid value of a field.
401You are unauthorized.
Invalid access token, maybe has expired.
403403000000Access denied.
Your application's access token does not have the right to use SMS service.