Email API v.2 - CC Object Explained

CC stands for Carbon Copy. It is an Array of emailAddress Objects.
All participants of cc array will get a copy of the message and therefor each participant counts as an additional message.
If a message has 10 recipients indicated in to property and additional 15 in cc field, it will result in 25 messages.

cc Carbon Copy: this array of Objects contains additional recipient in the format [{"name":"Name to be included", "address":"[email protected]"}, ...] that will get the same message.

nameStringThe name of the carbon copy recipient
addressStringThe actual email address of the carbon copy recipient.
If provided, must be a well-formed email address and not be blank

The property name will precede the address.
Assuming you set the following: "cc":[{"name":"John Doe", "address":"[email protected]"}] ** this will result in a single message to be dispatched to [email protected] and the recipient will read a message that in the "cc" field will contain:
CC : John Doe [email protected]