Track multiple voice messages with filters for a specific time range

Limit the tracking result of multiple voice messages by passing filters


contentContains the search results.
content.messageIdThe id of the voice message.
content.conversationTrackingIdThe tracking id of the conversation that this message belongs to.
content.toThe recipient.
content.fromThe sender Id of the call.
content.groupsThe groups that the recipient belongs to.
content.countryThe country of the recipient in ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 format.
content.statusThe voice message's status.
content.status.dateThe date that the status was updated.
content.status.statusThe status of the voice message. Check here for possible values.
content.campaignThe name of the campaign that this message belongs to.
content.applicationNameThe name of the application that was used to send this message.
content.originatingServiceThe service that sent this message.
content.directionThe direction of this call.
content.durationThe duration of this call.
content.fileURLThe URL of the .wav file.
content.messageThe text message that converted to voice.
content.message.genderThe gender of the voice message (male or female).
content.message.languageThe language of the voice message.
content.message.textThe text of the voice message.
content.priceThe price of the voice message.
content.chargeIntervalThe time interval used for charging this voice message (in seconds).
content.collectedTonesThe collected DTMF tones during the call.
content.recordingsInformation about the related recorded files.
content.recordings.trackingIdThe tracking Id of the recorded file.
content.recordings.startThe start time of the recording (ISO-8601 date-time format).
content.recordings.endThe end time of the recording (ISO-8601 date-time format).
content.recordings.fromThe initiator of the call.
content.recordings.toThe recipient of the call.
content.recordings.urlThe url to download the recorded file.
content.recordings.voiceTrackingIdsAn array with the tracking Ids of the voice messages related to the conversation.
content.recordings.conversationTrackingIdThe tracking Id of the voice conversation.
content.recordings.durationThe duration of the recording (in seconds).
content.answeredByIndicates if the call is answered by human or machine. Possible values: "HUMAN", "MACHINE", "UNKNOWN".
totalPagesThe number of total pages.
lastWhether the current page is the last one.
totalElementsThe total amount of elements for the current search.
firstWhether the current page is the first one.
numberOfElementsThe number of elements currently on this page.
numberThe requested page number.
sizeThe requested page size.