Get authenticated using your application credentials

Firstly, you should get your application credentials (application-id, application-secret) from the Routee Platform and on the applications menu.

Then you should encode the application-id:application-secret string to a Base64 string.

Having this string you are now able to exchange your application credentials for an access token by calling the endpoint.

The Authorization header of the request must include the word Basic followed by the encoded string.

Important! All tokens that are issued from Routee's authorization server are valid for 1 hour.
That means that once you get an HTTP response with a status code of 401 or 403, from any Routee API resource, you should issue a new token and repeat your request with the new token.

Each application is associated with an Account that belongs to the user. Any requests that are made using an access token from an application are the same as if they were made by the associated account.


access_tokenThe generated access_token. This must be used in all requests.
token_typeToken_type ("Bearer") is a parameter in Access Token generate call to Authorization server.
expires_inTime in seconds that the token will expire. The token is set by default to expire in 1 hour (3600 seconds), or a new application can be created with the following options:
1 day (86400),
20 years (631139040)
scopeThe requested scopes.
permissionsThe permissions granted to the authenticated application.


For possible error responses see here

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