Email API v.2 - emailAddress Object Explained

Email Plus uses an internal object called emailAddress to represent senders and recipient.
emailAddress object has two properties name and address.
The name property contains free text representing the name of sender or recipient and address property that represents sender or recipient email address.
Properties as to, cc, bcc are arrays that contain one or more emailAddress objects.

emailAddress Object Definition

nameStringThe name of the standard recipient
addressString (email address)The actual email address of the standard recipient.
Must be a well-formed email address.

The property name will precede the address.
Assuming you set the following: "to":[{"name":"John Doe", "address":"[email protected]"}] ** this will result in a single message to be dispatched to [email protected] and the recipient will read a message that in the "to" field will contain:
To : John Doe [email protected]