Events data API

List of event hooks supported from WayMore API:
● CustomerAdd (User register)
● CustomerUpdate (User account/address update)
● CartUpdate (Add to cart, remove from cart)
● ProductAdd (New product created)
● ProductUpdate (Product updated)
● ProductStockUpdate (Product stock quantity changed e.g. After an order)
● ProductoutOfStock (Product is out of stock)
● OrderAdd (New order placed)
● OrderStatusUpdate (Order status changed)
● OrderPaymentConfirmed (Order payment is confirmed)
● WishlistAdd (A product is added to the wishlist)
● WishlistDelete (A product is removed from the wishlist)
● Newsletter (A customer/guest subscribes to the newsletter)
● Search (Someone makes a search in the shop)
● Uninstall (The plugin is uninstalled)

You may look at our docs ( to see an example for each of the list items of the event hooks

Here we present you an example for the new User register ( CustomerAdd):


200Valid data
400Invalid Json