Analyze Bulk Messages - Campaigns

Analyzing a bulk sendout is useful when the user needs information about the send out before actually sending it.


contactsThe details for each contact. The key refers to the id of the contact given in the request.
contacts.recipientThe mobile phone that corresponds to the given contact id.
smsAnalysis.contacts.recipientCountryThe country that corresponds to the given contact id.
contacts.blacklistedIndicates if the contact is in the SMS blacklist. If true the contact will be excluded from the request.
numberOfRecipientsThe total number of recipients.
recipientCountriesThe country that each mobile belongs to. The key refers to the mobile of the recipients request property.
recipientsPerCountryThe total recipients per country. The key refers to the country.
recipientsPerGroupFor each group the number of recipients that it contains without the blacklisted contacts (in SMS blacklist). The key refers to the group given in the group request property.
totalInGroupsThe total number of recipients in all given groups excluding the ones already specified (in contacts and recipients request property) as well as the ones that are blacklisted.
bodyAnalysisThe analysis for the body of the SMS.
bodyAnalysis.charactersThe total number of characters of message body.
bodyAnalysis.partsThe number of actual SMS that will be sent.
bodyAnalysis.transcodeContains information for the transcoded body of the sms message. This will be available only if the message can be transcoded.
bodyAnalysis.transcode.messageThe transcoded message of the original unicode message.
bodyAnalysis.transcode.partsThe number of the parts of the transcoded message.
bodyAnalysis.unicodeIndicates if the body contains unicode characters.
bodyAnalysis.unsupportedGSMCharactersWhich characters caused the message to be considered as unicode.
errors.codeThe code of error
errors.developerMessageMessage of error
errors.propertyThe numbers of invalid recipients


400400001009You don't have enough balance to send the campaign.
400400005000In case you haven't specified any recipients or the sender is invalid.
409409009003Your account already has a campaign with the given name.
400400009004Your campaign has no recipients. Your groups might be empty or all contacts might be blacklisted.
404404002001A contact id does not exist.