Retrieve Viber Trackings by Campaign

Retrieve tracking information for viber messages included in a campaign.


content.trackingIdThe tracking id of the viber message.
content.toThe recipient number.
content.fromThe name of the sender id.
content.groupsThe groups that the recipient belongs to.
content.countryThe country of the recipient.
content.statusInformation about the status of the viber message.
content.status.statusThe current status of the viber message.
Check here for possible values.
content.status.dateThe updated date of the status.
content.status.reasonThe reason of the status.
content.status.reason.detailedStatusThe current detailed status.
Check here for details.
content.status.reason.descriptionThe description of the detailed status.
content.campaignThe name of the campaign that this message was send from.
content.campaignTrackingIdThe id of the campaign that this message was send from.
content.applicationNameThe name of the application that was used to send this message.
content.originatingServiceThe service that sent this message.
content.directionThe direction of this message.
content.ttlTime range until message expires.
content.messageThe text of the viber message.
content.viberActionRepresents the action (button) of the viber message.
content.viberAction.captionThe displayed text on the button.
content.viberAction.targetUrlThe action which should be executed, when the recipient clicks on the button.
content.imageUrlThe url of image.
content.viberFile.fileIdThe Id of the file.
content.viberFile.fileNameThe name of the file.
content.viberFile.fileTypeThe type of the file.
content.viberFile.fileUrlThe url of the file.
content.viberVideo.videoUrlThe URL where the video is hosted.
content.viberVideo.videoThumbnailThe URL of a thumbnail for the Video.
content.viberVideo.fileSizeThe file size in MB.
content.viberVideo.durationThe video’s duration in seconds.
content.priceThe cost of this message.
content.sessionMessageIndicates a Viber Campaign is a Viber Session if the value is true. Learn more about session messaging at our documentation.
lastWhether the current page is the last one.
totalPagesThe number of total pages.
totalElementsThe total amount of elements for the current search.
numberOfElementsThe number of elements currently on this page.
firstWhether the current page is the first one.
sizeThe requested page size.
numberThe requested page number.
sessionIdThe sessionId of a Viber Session


404404009001Campaign not found.