View Volume and Price Analytics for a specific country

Returns analytics for a range of messages specified by a time frame associated with the owner account and a country. The response will contain an array of reports. Each report contains information for a specific country, operator, campaign and date time. The startDateTime of a report combined with the timeGrouping represent the time period that this report corresponds to. The time grouping is calculated depending on the supplied starting and ending date time. The possible results is showed below:

interval Hour : Fetch results in hourly intervals. True if endDate - startDate <= 24h
interval Day : Fetch results in daily intervals. True if 24h < endDate - startDate <= month
interval Month : Fetch results in monthly intervals. True if month < endDate - startDate <= year
interval Year : Fetch results in yearly intervals. True if Year < endDate - startDate <= 5 years


countryThe country’s code in ISO 3166­1 alpha­2 format.
operatorThe operator’s name.
mccThe mobile country code.
mncThe mobile network code.
startDateTimeThe date and time of the first SMS of this report.
timeGroupingThe time interval that the reports are grouped by.
smsCampaignIdThe ID of the campaign that the SMS belongs to.
countThe total messages count.
deliveredCountThe amount of the delivered messages.
failedCountThe amount of the failed messages.
unsentCountThe amount of the unsent messages.
queuedCountThe amount of the queued messages.
sentCountThe amount of the sent messages.
undeliveredCountThe amount of the undelivered messages.
priceThe total price of this report.


400400007001The startDate must precede the endDate and the time range must not exceed five years.