Retrieve details for a bulk send out - campaign

You can retrieve the details of a specific bulk send out - campaign by its tracking id.


trackingIdThe tracking id used to identify the campaign.
createdAtThe date that this resource was created.
typeThe service type of the campaign.
scheduledDateThe time the campaign is scheduled to run.
campaignNameThe name of the campaign.
fromThe sender of the message.
toThe phone numbers the message is about to be sent to.
bodyThe message you sent.
stateThe state of the campaign.
statusesDefines the number of SMS per message status. Either, Queued, Sent, Unsent, Failed, Delivered, Undelivered. For more details check here
smsAnalysisThe data analysis the this SMS.
smsAnalysis.contactsThe details for each contact. The key refers to the id of the contact given in the request.
smsAnalysis.contacts.recipientThe mobile phone that corresponds to the given contact id.
smsAnalysis.contacts.recipientCountryThe country that corresponds to the given contact id.
smsAnalysis.contacts.blacklistedIndicates if the contact is in the SMS blacklist. If true the contact will be excluded from the request.
smsAnalysis.numberOfRecipientsThe total number of recipients.
smsAnalysis.recipientCountriesThe country that each mobile belongs to. The key refers to the mobile of the recipients request property
smsAnalysis.recipientsPerCountryThe total recipients per country. The key refers to the country.
smsAnalysis.recipientsPerGroupFor each group the number of recipients that it contains without the blacklisted contacts (in SMS blacklist). The key refers to the group given in the group request property.
smsAnalysis.totalInGroupsThe total number of recipients in all given groups excluding the ones already specified (in contacts and recipients request property) as well as the ones that are blacklisted.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysisThe analysis for the body of the SMS.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.charactersThe total number of characters of message body.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.partsThe number of actual SMS that will be sent.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.transcodeContains information for the transcoded body of the SMS message. This will be available only if the message can be transcoded.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.transcode.messageThe transcoded message of the original unicode message.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.transcode.partsThe number of the parts of the transcoded message.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.unicodeIndicates if the body contains unicode characters.
smsAnalysis.bodyAnalysis.unsupportedGSMCharactersWhich characters caused the message to be considered as unicode.
flashIndicates if the message is a flash SMS.
respectQuietHoursIndicates if the SMS should respect the quiet hours.
campaignCallbackDefines the notification callback information for the progress of the SMS campaign.
campaignCallback.urlThe URL that Routee will POST to, each time your campaign status changes to one of the following: Scheduled, Queued, Sent, Running, Finished, or Failed.
For more details check here
campaignCallback.strategyWhen the URL will be called. Two possible values: on every status change (OnChange) or when a final status arrives (OnCompletion).
reminderDefines the recipients that will receive a test SMS before and/or after the actual SMS is sent.
reminder.minutesAfterThe minutes after the scheduled date (that the SMS will be sent) that the test SMS will be sent.
reminder.minutesBeforeThe minutes before the scheduled date (that the SMS will be sent) that the test SMS will be sent.
reminder.toThe recipients that will get the test SMS before and/or after the campaign will start. Must be a list with valid mobile numbers starting with “ + ” and the country code.
contactsThe contacts in the account selected as recipients.
groupsThe groups of contacts in the account selected as recipients.
fallbackValuesDefines the default values when the SMS has labels, in case a contact does not contain any of these labels. The key refers to the label name.


404404009001The campaign with the given tracking id doesn't exist.