Callback - SMS Delivery reports

Notifications you receive about the status of your messages.



The following parameters are sent in as delivery reports - callback.

When you send an SMS, you have to set the "callback" parameter in order to receive notification when the delivery status of an SMS changes.

Your callback service will receive a POST HTTP request with the following request body:



messageIdThe trackingId of the SMS (all the parts of a multipart SMS have the same messageId).
smsIdThe unique id of each SMS part included in a message. If the message is multipart then these values will be different for each part.
campaignTrackingIdThe trackingId of the campaign (if the SMS was sent using the /SMS/campaign resource).
partThe number of the current SMS part.
partsThe total number of SMS parts.
labelA generic label used for tagging the SMS.
toThe recipient of the SMS message (in E.164 format).
fromThe senderId of the SMS message.
countryThe country of the recipient.
operatorThe operator of the recipient.
groupsAll contact groups (tags) that this contact belongs to.
campaignNameThe name of the SMS Campaign (if the SMS was part of a campaign).
statusThe full status object of the SMS message.
status.nameThe status name of the SMS message.
status.updatedDateThe date of the last status change of the SMS.
status.reasonThe reason of the status.
status.reason.detailedStatusThe detailed status.
Possible values: Sent, Delivered, Undelivered, Failed, Undelivered on Handset, Unknown Number, Roaming, Call Barred, Unknown Status, Carrier Violation, Expired.
status.reason.descriptionThe description of the detailed status.
messageThe message that was sent.
applicationNameThe name of the application that was used to send this message.
latencyThe overall delivery latency of the message.
priceThe cost of the SMS.
directionThe direction of the SMS.
originatingServiceThe service that sent this message.

See details about SMS callbacks here Callbaks (WebHooks)