Get your account transactions

Get all your account transcatiors


totalPagesThe number of total pages.
lastWhether the current page is the last one.
totalElementsThe total amount of elements for the current search.
firstWhether the current page is the first one.
numberOfElementsThe number of elements currently on this page.
numberThe requested page number.
sizeThe requested page size.
contentContains the search results.
content.idThe id of the transaction.
content.sourceThe source that created this transaction.
content.transactionTypeAlways TopUp.
content.amountThe amount of this transaction.
content.statusThe status of the transaction.
content.balanceBeforeThe balance the account had before the transaction was processed.
content.balanceAfterThe balance of the account after the transaction, depending on the transaction status the balance might or might not be affected.
content.dateThe date that the transaction was created.
content.actionsA list of all the transaction actions.
content.actions.idThe id of the action.
content.actions.typeActions can be applied to transactions and affect the balance of the account depending on the transaction status.
content.actions.amountThe amount of the action.
content.actions.dateThe date that the action was created.
content.actions.balanceBeforeThe balance the account had before the action was processed.
content.actions.balanceAfterThe balance of the account after the action, see action type to see how the balance might be affected.
content.actions.statusThe status of the action.


400400001012Account is trial.