Inbound Messages (MO)

When you rent or update a number, you are able to define a callback Url ("inboundSmsCallbackUrl") that will receive the inbound SMS messages.



You can receive inbound messages from the same country the number belongs to.
Inbound messages that are originated from a country that is different from the country of the Number may not be always received.

Your service will receive the following payload:

  "messageId": string,
  "from": string,
  "to": string,
  "message": string,
  "parts": integer,
  "originatingService": "Sms",
  "direction": "Inbound",
  "receivedDate": string
messageIdThe id of the inbound message.
fromThe sender of the inbound message.
toThe recipient of the inbound message (your number).
messageThe body of the inbound message.
partsThe message's total parts.
originatingServiceThe originating service of the message (Sms)
directionThe direction of the message (Inbound)
receivedDateThe date that the inbound message was received (ISO format)

An example payload is shown below:

  "messageId": "700bbc09-0556-4e86-bad1-215a8020e111",
  "from": "+306999999999",
  "to": "+306911111111",
  "message": "This is the actual body of the inbound message",
  "parts": 1,
  "originatingService": "Sms",
  "direction": "Inbound",
  "receivedDate": "2018-01-17T13:02:08Z"


Inbound Retry Policy

When Routee POSTs back to your service, an HTTP 200 OK response must be returned within 2 seconds. If Routee doesn't receive a 200 OK response within 2 seconds will drop the connection and will try to POST again (up 12 retries for 24 hours max) with the following retry policy after the initial callback attempt:

1st retry: 30 sec
2nd retry: 1 minute
3rd retry: 2 minutes
4th retry: 5 minutes
5th retry: 10 minutes
6th retry: 15 minutes
7th retry: 30 minutes
8th retry: 1 hour
9th retry: 2 hours
10th retry: 4 hours
11th retry: 8 hours
12th retry: 24 hours


Your inbound messages can, also, be tracked through the SMS tracking resource.

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