Messaging Statuses

SMS Lifecycle##

Every SMS and each campaign (also called bulk messaging) has its own lifecycle. Routee is limiting that lifecycle into steps that are most important to you. These steps are called Statuses. SMS and SMS Campaigns have different statuses.

SMS Statuses##




It's the initial status of an SMS. It means that Routee has received your request and the SMS is about to be sent.


The SMS was sent to its recipient but Routee doesn't know yet if it has been delivered or not.

Delivered (final)

The SMS was sent and it was delivered to its recipient.

Undelivered (final)

Routee has received a delivery receipt indicating that the message was not delivered. This can happen for a number of reasons including carrier content filtering, availability of the destination handset, etc.

Failed (final)

The SMS was not sent because Routee was unable to process it.

Unsent (final)

The SMS was not sent due to insufficient balance. This status will appear only when using the Bulk SMS Resource

Detailed Status#

Routee provides a response parameter for detailed status, so that you know the reason of Undelivered message.

Detailed Status


Undelivered on Handset

The destination handset you are trying to reach is switched off or otherwise unavailable.

Unknown Number

The destination number you are trying to reach is unknown and may no longer exist.


The destination number you are trying to reach is in roaming and can not accept the message.

Call Barred

The destination number you are trying to reach is blocked from receiving this message.

Unknown Status

Undelivered for unknown reason.

Carrier Violation

Your message was flagged as objectionable by the carrier. In order to protect their subscribers, many carriers have implemented content or spam filtering.


TTL validity period expired. The message is not delivered to the recipient after multiple re-tries.

* Extra Detailed Statuses specifically for India

Detailed Status


DND Error Code

Active Do Not Disturb Service.

Sender ID Error Code / Template Error Code

Sender ID or Content is not registered.

Memory Capacity Exceeded

Handsets memory is full.

Quiet Hours

Promotional messages blocked after 9 PM.

Campaign Statuses##




The campaign was scheduled to run in the future. This status only applies when you schedule a campaign.


The campaign was queued and its individual messages (SMS) are about to be sent.


The campaign has started and it's running. Routee sends all individual SMS. Depending on the number of the recipients this step will last some seconds to some minutes.


All individual SMS were successfully sent and Routee is waiting to be informed of each message status (whether they were delivered or not).

Finished (final)

Routee has been informed about the final status of all individual SMS (if they were delivered or not).

Failed (final)

Routee was unable to process the campaign (or a part of it).

Final status is a status that ends the lifecycle of an SMS or a bulk messaging campaign.

Campaign Status vs SMS Status##

Although a bulk messaging campaign has its own set of statuses, each SMS generated has its own set too. Every SMS that was created as a result of a bulk messaging campaign has its own lifecycle, hence its own SMS set of statuses as described above.

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Messaging Statuses

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