Send a Viber Session

Sessions is a conversation flow that allows you to communicate with your clients in a defined time frame. Mainly to be used for customer support purposes, sessions open up a new channel of communication between you and your clients.

The session rate is applied ONLY if your client initiates the conversation. If a client sends a message and it turns into a session (due to the development of a conversation), the session starts from the first reply by a client to you.


You’re billed per session and not per each delivered message. This allows you to send and receive multiple messages at a fixed per-session price.


Each session is configured as follows:
• The session is set to a default period of 24 hours.
• Up to 60 messages can be sent in a single session by the business account. After 60 messages have been sent, a new session begins automatically.
• A fixed rate is set according to the message type.
• Clients can send up to 5 messages in a row without a user’s reply. The next message in a session can only be sent after the user response.

Session messages can be only of specific types:
• Text-Only
• Image
• File


Advanced message layout – Text + Button, Text + Image + Button is not supported by Viber Session message.

In order to send a Viber Session message, please set body param isSessionMessage as true.
An example request is shown below:

    "senderInfoTrackingId": "xxxxxx",
    "to": [
    "campaignName": "name of campaign",
    "isSessionMessage": true,
    "body": {
        "text": "This is a viber session message!",
    "ttl": 5000

An example response:

    "campaignName": "Campaign8936",
    "trackingId": "ef03cac2-c03c-4554-b1ce-aabdc1dfc186",
    "type": "Viber",
    "state": "Queued",
    "createdAt": "2021-12-30T14:18:26.303Z",
    "respectQuietHours": false,
    "senderInfoTrackingId": "39f12735-16ba-4d6a-b4c7-a354b6ddf155",
    "senderInfoName": "viber",
    "to": [
    "body": {
        "text": "Test"
    "ttl": 30,
    "cost": 0.0,
    "totalMessages": 1,
    "viberAnalysis": {
        "numberOfRecipients": 1,
        "recipientsPerCountry": {
            "BY": 1
        "recipientCountries": {
            "+375298603938": "BY"
        "contacts": {},
        "recipientsPerGroup": {},
        "totalInGroups": 0,
        "bodyAnalysis": {
            "characters": 4
    "isSessionMessage": true

To get more information for sending Viber Session check out our Resource Reference