Viber Messaging Statuses

Routee provides a detailed status for every Viber Message sent through the Web Platform and Routee Viber API. Below there is a table with the available Viber Statuses and the description.

Viber Message Statuses:#

Viber Message StatusDescription
DELIVEREDViber Message was successfully delivered.
UNDELIVEREDViber Message cannot be delivered.
EXPIREDViber Message expired, i.e., the message could not be delivered within the specified time span.
FAILEDViber Message failed, i.e., the message could not be accepted by our platform.
QUEUEDViber Message could not be delivered. We are in the process of resending.
UNSENTViber Message could not be sent due to insufficient balance.
SEENViber Message was successfully delivered and read by the recipient.

Detailed Status#

Routee provides a response parameter for detailed status, so that you know the reason of Undelivered or Expired Viber Messages.

Detailed StatusDescription
Not Viber UserThe recipient is not a Viber user.
Opted OutMessage could not be delivered because the recipient has opted out.
System FailureDestination network error. Generic failure.
Message RejectedViber rejected the message due to incorrect parameters
Timed OutA network node en route or inside of the destination operator did not respond or did not respond in time.
Unsupported EquipmentThe receiver handset is not able to receive Viber messages
TTL ExpiredThe TTL of the message has expired. The message could not be delivered.

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