Call Masking

Call Masking is a Routee service that allows the two involved parties (sender & receiver) to communicate together without sharing each other the caller identity.
Call Masking service has many appliances in cases that you want to keep the anonymity between the two parties. Ride-Sharing service is such an example that Call Masking is used.
The benefits of Call Masking are privacy & security:
We keep everyone's privacy protected. Sometimes it is required to keep secret the identity of the users. Call Masking protects you and your customer's identity by anonymizing voice calls

In order to build a Call Masking example you need the following:
A. Rent a Virtual Number
B. Use the Conversation API

You can rent a Virtual Number via the Routee web platform

or you can rent via our Numbers API. Find the Numbers documentation here:

After you have rent your Virtual Number you have to set the callbacks and use the Conversation API to build the implementation. Find the Conversation API here: