Click-To-Call example using the Voice Conversations API

Click-to-Call allows your audience, whether it includes website visitors, newsletter recipients, existing or potential customers and users, to click or scan an object, submit their name and phone number to a web-form, and receive an immediate toll-free call from one of your company’s representatives.

Click-to-Call can be included on your online and offline assets. Online can be used as an object (image, button), while offline as a scannable image (QR code, scannable image, scannable link).

You can combine Click-to-Call with prerecorded voice messages that your users, representatives, existing or potential customers, will hear while waiting to be connected.

Through Click-to-Call the client submits a phone number requirement, web form. Next, the company's representative is called by a predefined number through the appropriate Voice resource and notified by a predefined voice message that connecting with a client is imminent. In the final step, the client receives a call from the representative's phone number through the Routee API.

Example of a Click-to-Call Dial plan:

Your Header should contain authorization and content type:



Bearer {access_token}



An example request is shown below:

curl -X POST  
-H "Authorization:Bearer e6c6531c-4083-481e-b7a3-05be2ff41f59"  
-H "Content-Type:application/json"  
-d '{  
              "text":"You have an incoming call from your website. We will connect you shortly. Please hang on to your phone."

Congratulations! You have just set your Click-To-Call application.