Failover Statuses

Failover Service statuses

In the following matrix we present the Failover Service statuses.

The status for the Failover Service in general, is dependable to the statuses of the services selected when creating the communication flow.

There are 3 statuses for the Failover Service

  • InProgress
  • Succeeded
  • Failed

The status "InProgress" is the status we get when the Failover message is being sent. This status is the one you get until the status of one of the selected channels gets a value. When this happens, the status for the Failover message will either be "Succeeded" or "Failed".

If for example we select to send a Viber message and it is not delivered but the failover option of SMS is delivered, then the Failover message will again have the status "Succeeded".

More than that if we select to send a Failover message using the Viber and SMS chanels then, in case the Viber message is delivered the Failover message will also have the status "Succeeded".

On the other hand, if the Viber message and the SMS is not delivered, the Failover message will have the status "Failed".


Routee gives you the capability to get a detailed status in case the status of the Failover message is "Failed", you get this with the parameter "statusCode". "statusCode" can take the values 0, 1, 2, 3 depending of each reason. In the below matrix you can see the detailed description for each "statusCode":

0Server error, in this case you should check again your authentication flow
1Insufficient balance, this can easily be resolved with topping up your account
2No next step, meaning that during creation of the Failover sequence there was not a next step selected
3Not failover triggered, more specifically if the status that will ignite the next channel in the communication sequence is not one of the statuses mentioned above

Viber Service Statuses

You can find detailed information for each of the Viber Service statuses below

Viber Message StatusDescription
DELIVEREDViber Message was successfully delivered.
UNDELIVEREDViber Message cannot be delivered.
EXPIREDViber Message expired, i.e., the message could not be delivered within the specified time span.
FAILEDViber Message failed, i.e., the message could not be accepted by our platform.

SMS Statuses

You can find detailed information for each of the SMS statuses below

SMS StatusDescription
DeliveredThe SMS was sent and it was delivered to its recipient.
UndeliveredRoutee has received a delivery receipt indicating that the message was not delivered. This can happen for a number of reasons including carrier content filtering, availability of the destination handset, etc.
FailedThe SMS was not sent because Routee was unable to process it.

VOICE Statuses

You can find detailed information for each of the Voice statuses below

Voice Message StatusDescription
CompletedThe Voice message was delivered to its recipient and answered.
BusyThe Voice message was delivered to its recipient. The destination number was busy and the Voice message was not answered.
NoAnswerThe Voice message was delivered to its recipient. The destination rejected the voice call and the message was not answered.
FailedThe Voice message could not be sent due to an internal error.
UnsentThe Voice message could not be initiated due to insufficient balance.
TerminatedThe voice message terminated due to insufficient balance.