Inbound Voice Calls

When you rent or update a number that supports Voice service, you are able to define a dialplan URL ("voiceInboundStrategy.dialplanUrl"), in order to receive notifications about the incoming calls and handle them according to your preferences.
In this way you define the behavior of your number (what someone that calls your number will hear, to whom he connects etc), so it is required to set a valid Url, if you want to use Voice service.

For each call to your Number, your service will receive the following payload:

    "messageId": string,
  	"conversationTrackingId": string,
    "from": string,
    "to": string
messageIdThe id of the inbound Voice call.
conversationTrackingIdThe tracking id of the conversation.
fromThe sender of the inbound Voice call.
toThe recipient of the inbound Voice cal (your number).

An example payload is shown below:

  "messageId": "700bbc09-0556-4e86-bad1-215a8020e111",
  "conversationTrackingId": "8207dc68-e51c-44e8-95d1-a2d87449a2b3",
  "from": "306999999999",
  "to": "+306911111111"

In order to handle the call as you want, Routee waits to receive a valid dialplan as response to the above request.

See an example of how to use your Number to receive inbound calls

Voice Inbound Callbacks

When you rent or update a Number, you are also able to define a callback Url ("inboundVoiceCallbackUrl"), to receive notifications about your inbound voice messages.

Inbound Voice Callbacks are generated when a call to your number is completed.

Your callback service will receive a POST HTTP request with the following request body for an individual inbound message:

  "messageId": "string",
  "conversationTrackingId": "string",
  "to": "string",
  "from": "string",
  "status": {
    "name": "string",
    "updatedDate": "string"
  "direction": "string",
  "originatingService": "string",
  "respectQuietHours": "boolean",
  "duration": "number",
  "price": "number"
messageIdThe trackingId of the voice message.
conversationTrackingIdThe trackingId of the voice conversation.
toThe recipient of the Call (your Number).
fromThe senderId of the Call.
statusThe status object of the voice conversation.
status.nameThe status name of the voice conversation.
status.updatedDateThe date of the status of the voice conversation.
directionThe direction of the voice conversation (Inbound).
originatingServiceThe service that sent this message (Voice).
respectQuietHoursIndicates if the Call should respect the quiet hours, default value: false.
durationThe duration of the voice conversation.
priceThe cost of the voice conversation.

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