Resources Overview

Available Resources##

POST/pools/myCreate a PoolCreate a Pool
DELETE/pools/my/{poolId}Delete a PoolDelete a Pool
PUT/pools/my/{poolId}Edit a PoolEdit a Pool
GET/pools/myRetrieve all the Pools of an accountRetrieve all the Pools of an account
GET/pools/my/{poolid}Retrieve info for a specific PoolRetrieve info of a specific Pool
GET/pools/my/{poolid}/numbersRetrieve the Numbers that belongs to a specific PoolRetrieve info for a specific Pool
PUT/pools/my/{poolId}/numbers/{msisdn}Add a Number to a specific PoolAdd a Number to a pool
DELETE/pools/my/{poolId}/numbers/{msisdn}Delete a Number from a specific PoolDelete a number from a pool
POST/pools/my/{poolId}/smsSend an SMS using a PoolSend SMS using a pool

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