Routee’s REST API service works over the HTTP protocol and is essentially a set of methods that
are used to perform requests and receive responses for each operation.
All answers come back in the form of JSON structures.

Main URL
All references to API requests in this document include the compulsory basic URL:

The authorization process is only possible when preceded by a private key, which, in future, should
be referenced in each request to the API.
The necessary parameters to obtain the key can be found in the private account settings page found
on the following URL in the API tab.
The following parameters are used:

grant_typehas to be equal to client_credentials
client_idyour ID (API)
client_secretyour secret (API)

To get the key you have to send a POST request to:

A sample response: The resulting key is valid for 1 hour and does not require additional requests
with each operation. At the end of the license period (1 hour), you must send a request to obtain a
new key.

"access_token": "tf4Si1LydYpTAPyHXUgjig72jlrd5HpIJL5oigmc",
"token_type": "Bearer",
"expires_in": 3600

A sample key:
Authorization: Bearer tf4Si1LydYpTAPyHXUgjig72jlrd5HpIJL5oigmc

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