General Questions

Q. How many Pools can I create for an account?
A. You can create unlimited Pools for an account.

Q. How many numbers can I assign to a specific Pool?
A. You can assign up to 1000 different Numbers to a single Pool.

Q. Can I assign a specific Virtual Number to different Pools?
A. No, a specific Virtual Number can be assigned to one Pool only.

Q. How does Multiple Sender setting works for Pools?
When the Multiple Sender parameter is present when we create a pool and the country of the recipient of the message matches one of the countries present in the setting, then we will always use the multipleSender.senderid value.
When the Multiple Sender parameter is present and we cannot find a match for the country or it is missing altogether we use the "alphanumericSenderId" parameter. If a match is not found in the Multiple Sender array and no alphanumericSenderId is present we will use the infoSMS senderId.

Q. How does Transcoding work for Pools?
A. Transcoding functionality works for Pools the same way it works for SMS. See more here: Encoding & Character Sets
If Transcoding feature is enabled then Routee will replace the Unicode characters with the corresponding GSM character in case the original message consists of 2 or more parts.

Q. What is the impact if I enable the "sticky" parameter from a Pool?
A. Routee by default selects the same number for a given recipient if they have previous message history. In case you disable "sticky" parameter, then Routee will no longer be able to select the same Number for a given recipient. This means that your recipients will receive messages from different Sender Ids.

Q. What is the Alphanumeric Sender Id parameter in Pools?
A. The "alphanumericSenderId" parameter in Pools is used to ensure the deliverability of the messages. It is highly recommended to set the desired Sender Id in order to ensure that the message will be terminated to the destination in any case. You can also use Pools without adding Numbers to it, just by setting an Alphanumeric SenderID and use the poolStrategy.

Q. What are the available fallback options to ensure the deliverability?
A. Routee provides the following fallback options in Pools in order to ensure deliverability: Geomatch, Sticky, Default Country, Alphanumeric SenderId.

Q. What happens if I delete a Number?
A. In case a Number is deleted, then all the Sticky associations to this Number are lost. Even if I buy this Number again the old associations are deleted. The Opt-out associations are also removed from this Number as well.