Error Codes

The Restful API server and the client's endpoints are using the HTTP protocol. In each call the server and the endpoint both return a call status to state the success or failure of the API call.

Routee API is providing HTTP Status codes and API Error codes.

For each API call, a full set of error codes is provided in the documentation and API reference.

All error payloads contain the following json properties:

        "code": "string",
        "developerMessage": "string"

Error Code structure##

codeThe code is a 9-digit string that consists of the following: the first 3 digits refer to the HTTP status code (400, 404 etc), while the next 3 digits refer to the module code

000 unspecified (generic error see below)
001 account
002 contact
003 user
004 localization
005 sms
007 report
009 campaign
010 application
011 two-step
012 contact import
013 voice
014 lookup
016 number validation
017 exceptions
018 price
019 viber
020 viber sender info
021 numbers

The last 3 digits refer to the error code of the specific module.
This is an incremental code and it is unique only within a module.
developerMessageThe developer friendly message.


Error Code: 400005000

Error Analysis: HTTP Error 400 (BAD request), related to module SMS (005).
The error value is 000 (The SMS has no recipients or the sender is invalid)

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