Number Validation

Validate any phone number

You can use Number Validation API to retrieve validity information for a phone number. Number Validation API is a synchronous, easy-to-use web service.

As any phone number is concerned, you can:

  • Retrieve the international and local format
  • Find out about the country it is registered in
  • Learn if it is a mobile phone, landline, virtual number or a Premium/Toll-Free number
  • Identify the mobile country code and mobile network code (MNC/MCC) of a mobile phone number for routing outbound communication
  • Discover if it is ported
  • Get geo information regarding an IP or a provided URL
  • Improve security checks by comparing the country of the provided phone number with the country of a provided IP or domain name.
  • Through the Routee Platform, you can upload a CSV file up to 10mb. So, if the user has only 1 column with the phone numbers, you will be able to load around 800k phone numbers on each CSV file.
  • The response rate is around 1000 number validations/ second.

To get more information check out our Resource Reference